January 2002 Edition

Digital Photos Available?

Being an "out of town" home buyer, we will not be able to be present for our home inspection. Are you capable of photographing any defect for us to review? Also, can you provide photos of the entire house?
In this electronic age there seems to be no end to the "Hi Tech" advances. Digital photos are no exception. Now you can purchase a relatively inexpensive camera for around $300.00. Digital photos are rapidly replacing the old fashion print film. You now can have "instant" photos that can be e-mailed to friends and relatives all around the world.


In home inspections, digital photos can provide a very important role for both the buyer and the seller. Many of our clients are not able to attend the home inspection. This makes it difficult to try and verbalize a defect or problem area of a home. Sometimes the technical terms are not familiar to the buyer and they have no idea what you are talking about. Words like "fascia", "sill", "purlin" and "jamb" may not be in a laymen’s vocabulary. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words."
Some of the inspectors have to go back to their office and download the photos into their computer and then fax a report to the buyer and/or their real estate agent. We have the capability to print the photo’s in the field which saves valuable time. We can also provide the photos on a CD and give it to the client at the end of the inspection.

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Some clients want us to photograph the outside and inside of the house so they can e-mail photos to an out-of-town spouse or friend. We do provide this service at an additional charge to the standard inspection fee since it adds between 30 minutes to an hour to the length of the inspection.
This service also helps the seller to understand where a particular defect or problem area is located.

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This service must be scheduled when the inspection is booked so sufficient time can be added to the length of the inspection. The additional cost for digital photos to be added to the inspection report is $50.00. The cost for digital photos on a CD is $100.00.

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