January 2008 Edition

Pre-listing Inspections?

Our house has been on the market for eight months. We had two contracts, and both fell through. We are becoming desperate and need help. Do you have a recommendation to help us sell our house?
Everyone is looking for ways to stimulate home buying and to increase sales. Pre-listing inspections are becoming a very popular way for sellers to market their homes because it eliminates last minute surprises and beating the seller down on price.
What is a Pre-listing Inspection?
A Pre-listing inspection is a home inspection that is performed before the house goes on the market. Pre-listing inspections have been around for years but have never been very popular until now.

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When there is a "buyer’s market," sellers must use every advantage to sell their home quickly and at a fair price. Pre-listing inspections are a powerful marketing tool that can assist the seller.
What is included?
A traditional home inspection report and homeowner's binder are left on site after the inspection. The seller and listing agent are emailed a copy of the full report in PDF format the day of the inspection. A two-page summary report will be sent later which has photos of the house and a summary of the condition of the house. If possible, we list the appraisal price, the repair cost and net selling price.

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It is a great idea to list the instant equity the buyer will receive. Furthermore, we provide 25 color copies to be distributed to prospective buyers. Additional copies are available at a nominal charge. We can also post the summary report on a private web page for the seller's use.
How Will A Pre-listing Inspection Benefit The Seller?
• Home may sell faster!
• Home may sell for more money!
• No more buyers walking away because there was a problem with the house.
• No more 11th-hour re-negotiations based on the inspection report.
• No more outrageous re-negotiations to cover repair cost.
• No more buyers getting cold feet when they find out the home is not perfect.
• No more buyers walking away because of inexperienced home inspectors.
• You choose the inspector based on reputation and credentials.
• You can sell the house "as-is" based on the inspection report.
• You fix any conditions identified (if you choose to) or simply reflect it in the purchase price.
• You determine the final selling price based on actual repair cost, not the buyer based on inflated "guesstimates."
• Pre-listing inspections can be referenced in listings, on flyers, in advertisements, web sites, on lawn signs, etc.
• You can also post the website where the Summary Report can viewed.
What Are The Steps In A Pre-listing Inspection?
The seller or the real estate sales professional contacts Christian Building Inspectors to arrange for the inspection.   
Christian Building Inspectors will complete the inspection and review all of the findings with the seller. The report will be left in the homeowner's binder which will be displayed for prospective buyers to review during open houses and showings.
The seller will contact contractors to obtain written estimates and accurate repair cost.
Christian Building Inspectors will complete a draft Summary Report within 2 business days after the inspection, and email it to the seller and the real estate sales professional for review. 
The seller and the agent may approve the draft via email or phone or make changes to the final report as needed.
If the seller chooses to make repairs to the home, they may attach any receipts for work completed to the draft which will be reflected in the summary report. Christian Building Inspectors will print 25 copies of the Summary Report after approval is received, and will have them delivered the next business day.
Christian Building Inspectors is available to walk through the house with the buyer to cover all items noted in the full report and cover maintenance requirements. The fee for this service is $199.99. This creates a contractual relationship between Christian Building Inspectors and the buyer.
When the home is sold, the inspection report and homeowner's binder are given to the buyer.
Christian Building Inspectors will offer a 10% discount off the cost of the inspection of the seller's new home, if it is within the normal service area.

You Spoke, We Listened....

Due to popular demand we are adding back to our list of services both Radon and Mold Screening. Radon is $175.00 and tested with a Sun Nuclear Radon Monitor which takes a continuous reading. Mold pricing will vary.

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