January/February 1993

 Window Condensation? 

What causes the condensation on the inside of windows during the winter? 
As we make our houses more airtight to conserve heat, moisture is often trapped indoors and sometimes condenses on the windows. Here are a few ways to control condensation: 
Try running your furnace fan continuously, which keeps warn air circulating in the rooms and keeps the inner surface of the windows a bit warmer. 
If you have a crawl space, be sure there is a good vapor barrier on the ground, and if your basement is damp, keep the door closed. 
Use a dehumidifier in the basement if there is a moisture problem. 
Always use the exhaust fan in the bathroom when you shower. If your bath does not have one, install one that is vented through the roof. 
Use the kitchen exhaust fan when cooking. 
If  you have a humidifier connected to your furnace, be sure it is turned down or is off. 
Install storm windows or insulated glass windows. 
If  you still have condensation, consult a heating and ventilation contractor. For instance, you could install a heat-recovery ventilator to bring in fresh, dry air without losing heat. This is the best solution to eliminate condensation without heat loss. 

Asbestos Flooring?  

 I plan to remove the vinyl sheet flooring in my kitchen.  A friend told me that the flooring could contain asbestos.  What precautions should I take?
Generally, sheet flooring does not contain asbestos. There can be asbestos present, however, in the backing and adhesive that's left behind after the flooring is removed.
If you are going to remove the flooring, you should first have it tested by a local certified testing laboratory such as Certus Laboratories, Inc. If asbestos is found, removing the residue is hazardous and not recommended, because any method you use is likely to release small particles of asbestos into the air.
The best and safest approach is to leave the flooring in place and put down 1/4" luan underlayment over the vinyl. Then install the new flooring.

 Sources: ASHI Training Manual and Handyman Magazine.

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It’s That Time Of Year Again

It's time for the following maintenance on your home: 
Clean out gutters and downspouts of fall leaves
Make sure all exterior hose bibbs are drained and protected from freezing.
Test all ground fault interrupters (G.F.I.) outlets and breakers.
Test all smoke detectors.
Change or clean furnace filters.
Be sure your flashlights have good batteries.

 Joke Of The Day

 The mother asked her little boy what he learned in church today. He replied, "We learned about God creating Adam. Then, God took Adam's brain and created Eve." 

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Re/Max Of Buckhead 

1992  COST  VS. VALUE  Report


     Atlanta Area
Major Kitchen Remodel
Minor Kitchen Remodel
Bath Addition
 Average Job Cost
Resale Value
Cost Recouped
Bath Remodel
Sun Room Addition
Family Room Addition
Deck Addition
Master Suite
Replace Windows
Replace Siding


Source: Remodeling Magazine, October '92. For reprints write to Remodeling Reprints, 655 15th Street, N.W., Suite 475, Washington, D.C. 20005, Attn: Kris Rechin

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