February 2007 Edition

Will Remodeling Pay Off?

Our kitchen needs remodeling, but we're not sure how much to spend. We don't want to lose money when we sell. How can we learn how far to go?
If you're concerned about the future value of your remodeling investment, consult a local real estate agent or home appraiser. Home values are highly variable depending on your neigh­borhood, the regional market and the condition of your home. These individuals will use these local variables to estimate the market value of your home and tell you what upgrades will deliver the best return.

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Another useful source is the annual Cost vs. Value Report on the Remodeling Magazine Web site (www.remodelingmagazine.com), which presents both the national picture and the regional breakdown for 22 major remodel­ing categories (kitchens, bath­rooms, additions, windows, etc.). Generally it shows that bathroom and kitchen projects have strong paybacks (more than 90 percent), if kept in a mid-price range. The payback drops if the project includes major tear-outs or upscale cabinets, appliances and fixtures. Mid-range remodeling of "space expansion" areas like attics, basements and decks also scores above 90 percent payback. Additions, however, don't fare so well. Family rooms, master suites and sunrooms score only about 80 percent return. In general, "lifestyle" improvements such as swimming pools, spas and exer­cise rooms don't pay back verywell either. But siding replacement scored high (fiber cement was 88 percent and vinyl 83 percent).
Check the regional breakdowns for these cat­egories, however, because you'll find wide variations. For example, a major kitchen remodel in Phoenix returns about 99 percent, but the return in Burlington, Vermont, is only about 46 percent. The value of other homes on your block matters too. An expensive remodel won't deliver a high pay­back if it makes your home the most expensive one on the block. But a modest remodel that replaces an outdated kitchen, updates a grungy bathroom and upgrades a shabby exterior can payoff well.

Source: July/August 2006 The Family Handyman, http://www.familyhandyman.com/

Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value 2006 National Averages

Attic Bedroom Remodel
Attic Bedroom Remodel
Basement Remodel
Bathroom Addition
Bathroom Remodel
Deck Addition
Family Room Addition
Home Office Remodel
Major Kitchen Remodel
Master Suite Addition
Minor Kitchen Remodel
Roofing Replacement
Siding Replacement (vinyl)
Sunroom Addition
Two-Story Addition
Window Replacement (wood)
Window Replacement (vinyl)
Bathroom Addition
Bathroom Remodel
Major Kitchen Remodel
Master Suite Addition
Roofing Replacement
Siding Replacement (fiber cement)
Siding Replacement (foam-backed vinyl)
Window Replacement (wood)
Window Replacement (vinyl)

Downloadable City Reports

 PDF files for each of the 60 cities surveyed in the 2006 Cost vs. Value Report are available for purchase and immediate download from http://costvalue.remodelingmagazine.com. A bound copy of the 2006 Cost vs. Value Report can also be ordered (delivery after January 1, 2007). The 88-page research report organizes the survey data in two ways: 25 pages of project data from 60 U.S. cities, one page per project; and 60 pages of city data for all 25 projects, one page per city. Also included is a table of national averages as well as tables for nine U.S. regions.

Source: www.remodelingmagazine.com

Spray Paint For Plastic?

Our plastic patio furniture is looking very stained. Is there a way to paint plastic?


Seems like everything is made of plastic these days, but not necessarily in a color you can live with. And until now, spray paint has never been a good option. The paint peels off in a short time, and the solvents in some spray paints will actually dissolve some types of plas­tic. Paint For Plastic from Rust-Oleum and Fusion from Krylon are spray paints designed specifically for plas­tic. So go ahead and repaint that ugly whatever. Expect to pay about $5 for either brand. Rust-Oleum products can be found at Home Depot stores, and the Krylon line at Sherwin-Williams stores.

Source: The Family Handyman

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