Seller's Responsibilities

If the home is vacant, we always tell our clients to make sure the utilities are on. I cannot tell you how many times we arrive, and they are not.
1. Make sure the gas is turned on. There is no way to test a gas appliance without gas. You can go to the gas meter and verify there is no lock on the gas valve.

2. The same is true for the electricity. The power must be on to test the circuits and electrical appliances. Sometimes the power is on but has been turned off and locked at the service disconnect. Remove any padlock before the inspection.

3. The third utility that is needed is water. Go to the water meter and verify there is no lock on the water valve. Sometimes the home has been winterized, and all the water has been removed from the fixtures and piping. Have the home dewinterized before the inspection.
4. Unlock all fence gates. Don’t make the buyer and inspector go though the house to get to the backyard. Verify the entire outside of the house is accessible. Trim all shrubbery 24 inches away from the house and equipment, so the inspector can walk between the shrubbery and the house and can see all of the exterior walls and trim.

5. Unlock all crawl space doors and storage shed doors. It is difficult to inspect something that is not accessible. A good rule to remember is: If it has a lock on it, remove it for the inspection.
6. Make sure there is clear access to all attics. Also, if there is an access in a clothes closet, remove the clothes to prevent dropping insulation on your favorite dress or suit. If the access is in the garage, remove anything that will block access, such as an automobile.

7. Check to be sure the attic light bulb works. This is true for all lights around the house. If you have burned out bulbs, replace them before the inspection.
8. Verify the attic floor is accessible. Move Christmas and stored items to a bedroom, so the inspector can see what needs to be seen in the attic. The best place to temporarily store items is in the middle of a bedroom floor or on a bed, so the inspector can still check around all of the walls.
9. Make sure there is clear access to the electrical panel. If there is a mirror or picture covering it, please remove it, so we don’t have to worry about breaking it.

10. Verify there is nothing blocking access to the furnaces, heat pumps and water heaters.
11. Remove all toys and belongings from the bathtubs. If you have a jetted tub, fill it with water and run the jets. If black scum comes out of the jets, clean it before the inspection. Fill the tub with water. Then add a gallon of bleach and a cup of dishwasher detergent and run the jets for 20 minutes. Completely drain the tub and then refill with water. Run the jets again to clean the bleach from the pipes and then drain.
12. Make sure keys or combinations are left available to any locked spaces. The entire house must be accessible.
13. Have all paperwork available for servicing the furnace, air conditioner, septic tank, etc.
14. Turn off all computers. They may be on a circuit with an arc fault circuit interrupter, and the breaker will need to be tripped to be tested.
15. If you have pets, do not let them run free through the house. There is also the problem with accidentally letting them outside. I had one cat follow me up into the attic, and I could not get it to come down. Either cage them, or better yet, take them away from the house.
16. Sellers should leave the property during the inspection. This gives the buyer full access to anything they want to see in the house. Sellers should also leave a phone number so that they can be reached if additional information is needed. Be prepared to stay away from home for 3 to 5 hours (but be aware that the inspection will take as long as it takes and remember, you would not want anyone following you around if you were a buyer). We can call you when we are finished.

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