March 2008 Edition

Dekalb Mandates Low Flow Toilets

If you’re buying a house in DeKalb County, check out the bathrooms. Otherwise, it could cost you. 
Starting in June, Dekalb County will no longer hook up water service to newly sold homes that do not have low flow toilets. It’s an effort to conserve water during the drought,  and it could mean a heavy cost to home buyers who have not done their homework.


The “ineffective plumbing fixture replacement plan” was approved by the county commission and signed into law by CEO Vernon Jones. It affects the sale of all homes built before 1993. The only exceptions will be homes that are transferred within a family and economic hardship. 
There are approximately 165,000 homes in the county that were built before 1993, the year the low flow toilets became mandatory.
County officials estimate that if all those homes, along with older businesses, switched to low flow toilets it would save six million gallons of water a day.

Source: WSB Radio March 4, 2008

One Call Does It All!

Our new slogan is "One Call Does It All." We know how difficult it is to call all of the different service providers and to coordinate a list of different times and dates. In order to better serve real estate professionals and their clients, Christian Building Inspectors has resumed Mold and Radon testing. In addition, Termite Letters, Sprinklers and Swimming Pools have been added to our list of services in order to make everyone’s job easier. We now can provide all of the following:  


• Residential & Light Commercial Inspections
• Resale Inspections
• New Home Inspections
• Warranty Inspections
• Prelisting Inspections
• Safety Inspections
• Maintenance Inspections
• Sprinkler Inspections
• Swimming Pool Inspections
• Mold Testing
• Radon Testing
• Termite Letter
• Computer Generated Onsite Report
• Email Copy Of Report Same Day
• Digital Photos
• 500 Item Checklist
• Homeowner’s Binder
• 90 Day Limited Warranty
• Home Tips CD
• Monthly Newsletter
• Supra Lockbox Key
• Full Time Staff
• Open 6 Days A Week
• American Express, VISA, MasterCard & Discover
• Free Lifetime Consultation
• Code Certified Inspector
• Worker’s Compensation Insurance
• General Liability Insurance
• E & O Insurance
• 40 Years Inspection & Construction Experience  
We appreciate each of your referrals and past support. Our goal is to supply you with the very best service we can possibly offer. If you have any recommendations on how to improve our services or what we could add to help you out, please let us know. May this year be instrumental in making all of us the very best at what we do.   

Roll-On Stainless Steel

Apply Liquid Stainless Steel to your kitchen appliances and you’ll have the stainless steel look without having to buy new. (It’s great for giving aging appliances a face-lift!) The water-based latex paint is made with stainless steel and applied with foam brushes and a roller (included with paint purchase). A topcoat gives the surface a durable satin or gloss finish (your choice).


The paint can be used on stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and toasters - just clean them, tape off areas you don’t want covered and start painting. You can apply both coats and the satin or gloss topcoat in a morning. The paint can also be used on kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs (after priming). One quart, which is enough to cover an average-sized refrigerator with the required two coats, costs $70. The topcoat costs $30 per quart. Retailers are listed online or buy the product directly from the manufacturer. Thomas’ Kitchen Art, 800-650-5699.

Source: The Family Handyman October 2007  

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