March 1996 Edition

Energy Audits And Reb

Will Atlanta Gas Light come out to your house and give a free energy audit? Are any rebates still available?
Atlanta Gas Light still does energy audits but there is a nominal $20.00 fee which is refundable if you upgrade your home. The Energy Wise Home Improvements Program is part of the gas company’s integrated resource plan which promotes energy efficiency. It helps an energy supplier (the gas company) manage supply and demand - to match the amount of energy demanded by customers with the amount of energy supplied by the provider in the most cost-efficient manner.
Home energy audits give homeowners ideas on how to make their home more energy efficient. Specially trained energy auditors visit a home to evaluate a customer’s current energy use and suggest ways of improving the home’s energy efficiency.
A home energy audit is required to receive rebates on energy-efficient home improvements. The Energy Wise Equipment Enhancement Program helps the homeowner replace failed or inefficient equipment immediately. Low cost financing on energy-efficient equipment helps homeowners purchase eligible heating and cooling units. Homeowners can choose to receive rebates for high-efficiency furnaces and water heaters instead of financing.
  • Double-Pane or Storm Windows
Based on their age and condition, windows can account for a large portion of an average home’s energy use. Installing energy-efficient windows can save money, improve comfort and enhance the appearance of your home.
  • Duct Sealing
Sealing leaks in the heating and air conditioning duct system can be one of the biggest energy savers in a home.
  • Wall Insulation
Heating and cooling systems do not work as efficiently as possible if the insulation is not up to recommended levels. A large portion of your home’s heat loss can take place through  uninsulated  walls.  By  insulating  walls,  energy and money are saved and the home's comfort is increased.
  • Attic Insulation
The largest exposed area of a home is often the ceiling or roof, so it is very important that these areas be insulated to recommended levels.
  • High-Efficiency Gas Furnace
Today’s natural gas furnaces are more efficient than ever. They heat the home efficiently and economically. By upgrading to a modern, high-efficient natural gas furnace a home owner is ensured years of clean, efficient heating.
  • High Efficient Gas Water Heating
Water heating is the largest user of energy in the home after heating and air conditioning. Reduce energy cost by using a high-efficiency natural gas water heater.
  • Reducing Air Leakage (Infiltration)
One of the main features of an energy-efficient home is reduced air leakage. Reduction in air leakage translates to lower energy bills and increased comfort.
  • Programmable Thermostat
Adjusting a home’s thermostat when occupants are away or asleep is an easy way to save energy and money. Programmable thermostats, also called setback thermostats because they are often used to lower or “set back” the temperature, can make  that job simple.
  1. Must be residential customer of gas company.
  2. Must be the property owner (not renter).
  3. Must use natural gas as primary heating source.
  4. Must be existing (not new construction) single family home served by one of the gas company’s residential rates.
  5. Must have a gas company-sponsored energy audit (not necessary for immediate appliance replacement).
CASH INCENTIVES                              Group 1     Group 2
Roof Insulated to R-30
Walls Insulated to R-11
Floors Insulated to R-11
Double-Pane or Storm Windows
Infiltration Reduction
Natural Gas Heating Equipment (90% or greater AFUE)
Natural Gas Water Heater (0.62 or greater energy factor)
Programmable Thermostat
Duct Sealing Repair
Group 1 - Homes built to pre-1978 Georgia Energy Code standards.
Group 2 - Homes built to Georgia Energy Code standards in 1978 and after.
Natural gas space heating equipment
     (80-89% AFUE) and/or high efficiency natural gas
     (0.5 COP or greater) or electric cooling system
     (10.5 SEER or greater)
      $1,000 - $7,000
      12% APR financing
      1 to 5 year term
Natural gas space heating equipment
     (90% or greater AFUE) and/or high-efficiency natural gas
     (0.5 COP or greater) or electric cooling system
     (12.5 SEER or greater)
      $1,000 - $7,000
      6% APR financing
      1 to 5 year term
For more information on Atlanta Gas Light’s Energy Wise Home Improvements call the information center at (404) 584-4500 or 1-800-564-6040. If you heat with electricity, call your electric utility company and ask about their energy audit. Not all companies offer rebates. Call:
Cobb EMC (770) 429- 2100
Coweta Fayette EMC (770) 502-0226
Georgia Power Co. (404) 325-4001
Jackson EMC (770) 963-6166
Sawnee EMC (404) 577-4576
Snapping Shoals EMC (770) 786-3484
Walton EMC (770) 972-2917
So if you are planning to replace your furnace or water heater, or even if you want to add additional attic insulation, call for an energy audit first and see if the utility company will help pay for it. They may even let you do some of the work yourself. Boy, what a bargain!
Information taken from Atlanta Gas Light’s Energy Wise Home Improvements brochure. Call for a free copy.

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