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How To File A Siding Claim

 We have hardboard siding on our house and it is falling apart. We do not know who the manufacturer is in order to file a claim. We removed a piece to look on the back and no printing was found. How do we go about filing a claim?
The real estate boom of the last twenty years has resulted in the construction of millions of single-family and multi-unit structures using "new" and "synthetic" building products that were sometimes installed by unskilled laborers.

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Some of these products did not weather well and prematurely deteriorated. As a result, there were many class-action lawsuits against many of the manufacturers. Some of the nationwide class-action lawsuits have been settled. You will need to know the manufacturer of the siding in order to file the claim. There are many ways to go about this, but the easiest is to contact ClaimSource One to do all of the work for you.
What They Do
ClaimSource One, Inc. is an Atlanta-based service company that specializes in the identification of damaged building materials and the recovery of funds from class-action settlements.
 Many manufacturers of hardboard siding, OSB siding, OSB plywood sheathing, synthetic stucco (EIFS), windows, and roofing materials experimented with new and synthetic materials, most notably composite or fake-wood exterior siding.

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These composite wood products, made of wood fibers (waste) and glue, tend to rot prematurely, swell, grow mildew and fungus, and buckle or warp. Many of these products had warranties of 20 years or more, but signs of deterioration often appear within a few years after installation.
Over 11 nationwide class-action lawsuits, involving over 28 manufacturers of building products, that have been settled resulting in multi-million dollar reimbursement programs. Although manufacturers deny their products are faulty, it is probably a combination of unskilled or untrained labor and the product itself.
Many property owners are unaware of the settlements, or if they are aware, they don’t know whether their property has the building products specified in the class action. ClaimSource One was created to assist property owners with product identification and evaluation, and the preparation of claim documents.
The documentation and claims process is complex, daunting, and time consuming. Furthermore, these construction-related liability claims are not easily addressed by parties unfamiliar with the specific settlement protocols and inspection procedures.

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These are settled cases that require unique knowledge of the claims process and the details of the court protocol inspections. Many claims programs require multiple, subsequent filings to ensure the maximum recovery on each qualifying property.
ClaimSource One eliminates unnecessary footwork. They put you in control of the settlement monies, and save you time. Their claims service is implemented by experienced professionals with backgrounds in insurance, construction, and class action administration. They have the experience and knowledge, and have compiled information from thousands of inspections, interviews and industry seminars.
How Are They Compensated?
Their fees are contingent on recovery and do not require any out-of-pocket costs. There is never a charge until recovery is documented and paid to you.
  • Knowledgeable staff experienced in class-action administration
  • Pay for performance guarantee
  • Millions recovered nationwide
Claims Filing Deadlines
ABTCO - (for homes built after 1990) 25 years from the date of installation. Call ClaimSource One.
Louisiana-Pacific Inner-Seal - Any year built. Call ClaimSource One.
Masonite Hardboard – January 15, 2008 (for homes built between 1980 and 1989). Call Masonite 800-323-4591
Masonite Hardboard – January 15, 2008 (for homes built between 1990 and 1998). Call ClaimSource One.
Masonite Omniwood – January 6, 2009. (for homes built between 1992 and 1998). Call ClaimSource One.
Contact them today – email: deadline@claimsourceone.com or 404-252-1771. Please include your name, property address, contact information, year home was built, and year home was purchased.
Source: http://www.claimsourceone.com 

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