May 1996 Edition

New Siding Available?    

We have heard of a new material that is used for exterior lapped siding that is made out of concrete. Can you give us some information about it?           
The siding your are referring to is called “Hardiplank” and is manufactured by James Hardie Building Products. Hardiplank is lapped siding that comes in 6”, 7 1/2”, 9 1/2” and 12” widths. They also have Hardipanel which comes in 4’x8’, 4’x9’ and 4’x10’ sheets. The siding is not made of concrete but rather fiber-reinforced cement. The panels will not rot and are immune to permanent water damage. They also can withstand termite attacks. The siding comes in a smooth or wood grain appearance and looks like wood after painting.       

Sising 1        

This product has been used for over 20 years in other countries and since we are having such problems with composition and OSB siding that is defective or pre-maturely deteriorates, it is now becoming popular in the Atlanta area. It is also a good alternative to vinyl and aluminum siding. The siding is a little more expensive and will add approximately $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 to the cost of a new home but in the long run is well worth the additional expense. The product has a 50-year warranty that is transferable to the second owner. For more information contact: James Hardie Building Products, Inc., 10901 Elm Avenue, Fontana, California 92337 or call 1-800-9-HARDIE.

Past Home Tips Issues Available

I am a new Realtor and just found out about Home Tips. Are back issues of Home Tips available and how do I go about obtaining them?

   Home Tips       

We have received many requests for back issues and have now compiled all of these back issues, starting with the first issue of January 1993, in a bound set complete with an index to help you find a particular article.
Your are permitted to copy a complete newsletter and send it to a friend or client. We ask that you do not alter or reuse only part of the information since it is copyrighted.  
We can even customize the cover and leave a space for “Distributed By” so that you may add your own information if you would like to give them to your clients. We can even customize the cover for you. Send us the layout and we will quote you on the one time setup cost for the original artwork. We will keep it on file and use it whenever you send in an order. The cost for a standard set is $25.00 to cover postage and handling and the sets are updated monthly to include the current issue.

New Home Buyers Beware! 

Some builders are attempting to restrict the right of new home buyers to hire a qualified, unbiased home inspector. This issue first came to light recently when several home builders began requiring independent inspectors to maintain worker’s compensation insurance policies, which few carry since most inspectors are self employed. When these home builders were identified by the media, they responded to the public’s outcry and reversed their position.  
It now appears that some builders are again acting in a manner that infringes on the rights of consumers. These builders are demanding that inspectors be licensed in the county of the home to be inspected. This policy is contrary to Georgia State law which specifies that inspectors obtain a business license only in the county where the inspector’s office is located. 
The Southeast Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) believes that consumers should have the right to hire any home inspector they wish. ASHI opposes all builder attempts to restrict home inspections. We encourage Real Estate Professionals to help protect their client’s rights by ensuring their free choice of home inspectors. Before signing a builder’s prepared sales contract, be sure to point out any provisions which would limit their rights to select the home inspector they choose and delete it from the contract. 

Class Action Against Masonite Corp.  

Attention: Owners of homes and other structures with Masonite Hardboard Siding. If you do not know if you have Masonite Hardboard Siding, there are several steps you may take to make a determination. You may contact your builder, or you may take a sample to a local building material supplier, or remove a board or sheet of the siding and inspect the reverse side. Masonite siding is typically identified by the name “Masonite” and/or the number “X-90” stamped on the siding itself. 
On November 15, 1995, the Circuit Court of Mobile, Alabama, issued an order certifying this action as a Class Action against Masonite Corporation. All persons owning property with Masonite Hardboard Siding, manufactured since 1980, should write to Masonite Siding Litigation, Class Counsel, PO Box 2487, Mobile, Alabama, 36652, or call 1-800-330-2722, for a copy of the more detailed Notice of Class Action. Please include your name and address. You will be added to the mailing list for future notifications regarding the suit.   

If you have a question, change of address, comment, home tip or would like to send Home Tips to your clients, send your letter to Home Tips, Christian Building Inspectors, Inc., 3697 Habersham Lane, Duluth, Georgia 30096. You can E-Mail your questions to us at We reserve the right to edit questions for length.

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“Yesterday is a canceled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely.”

- Kay Lyons

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