Breaking Into A Garage Overhead Door


Every home is at risk to be broken into and the key is to make it as hard as possible. It only takes about six seconds to break into your garage because the garage overhead door release levers make an easy target for a burglar.


An experienced burglar can use an ordinary coat hanger and slip it through the top of your door. Within seconds, they can hook the release lever and with a firm pull, unlock the door.


Every overhead door has a release lever to unlock the door in case of a power outage or if you have a problem with the opener. A simple pull on the string will disconnect the door from the track, allowing manual closing of the door. An easy trick to prevent a burglar from using the same method will insure no one can gain access from the outside.
Most people have the solution lying around the house, or it can easily be purchased from a home center.

Simply use a common everyday zip tie and tread it through the release lever. If the spring hold is not large enough, you can run the tie over the track. This will prevent the coat hanger trick and the tie can be easily broken by jerking hard on the cord. You can also use a piece of wire or a twist tie.

This is just one of the steps for a safer garage. Also, be sure to do the following:

  • Lock the door between your house and the garage with a deadbolt lock at night. Most people leave this door unlocked. If the door has glass, be sure to use a double keyed deadbolt lock. You can hang a key just inside the door out of reach from the glass panes.

  • Add a wide-angle peephole in the door between the house and the garage. This will allow you to look into the garage without opening the door if you hear a strange noise.

  • If your garage overhead door has glass panes, cover or frost the glass to prevent someone from seeing if the car is gone.

  • Don’t leave your garage overhead doors open during the day. People can ride by your house and see inviting targets.

  • When you are away on vacation, lock your garage overhead doors. If your doors do not have slide locks, you can add padlocks through the tracks or install “c” clamps on the tracks.

  • Never leave your garage remote control in an automobile that is parked in the driveway. This gives a burglar easy access to your home. Invest in a keychain remote you keep with the key.

  • If the opener does not have rolling-code technology, be sure to change the manufacturer’s standard access codes on the opener and remote control, or consider investing in a newer model with rolling-code technology which changes the access codes each time the opener is used.

  • Search for other options and security ideas. One item featured on Shark-Tank is for electronic locks.

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