July 2001 Edition

Design It Online

We want to build a deck on the rear of our house and we would like a multi-level deck complete with bench seats. Is there a service to help us design the deck and help us to build it?
For those of you who are not internet savvy, it is time to catch up with the rest of the world. You are missing out on unlimited information. The internet is a wealth of information if you know where to go.


There is an old website that keeps improving. It is called DIYonline.com or Do It Yourself.com. DIYonline.com is the only web site that lets you custom design any home improvement project to your exact specifications - absolutely free!
It’s easy and fun. When you design your project at DIYonline.com, you get a complete printout of your project plans, step-by-step instructions, a list of every item you’ll need down to the last nail, an estimated cost and recommendations on where to purchase all of your materials. And you can exchange ideas with other do-it-yourselfers online...even have your questions answered by home improvement experts. So if you need help check out:
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Deck Designer
  • Sprinkler Designer
  • Shelf Designer
  • Workbench Designer
  • Craftbench Designer
  • Gazebo Designer
  • Fence Designer
  • Bath Designer
  • Paint Calculator
  • Wallpaper Calculator
  • Ceiling Tile Calculator
  • Plus Many More...
It is not often you get something for nothing. This service is free. Of course the sponsors want you to buy their products, but you are not obligated to anyone. What a great service.

Source: http://www.DIYonline.com/

Selling A Home

We put our home on the market this month. Do you have any helpful hints on selling a home?
According to "Get Home Advice" website, the following are a few pointers:


Should I use an agent or sell my home myself?
Although most real estate agents will take anywhere from 5-7% of your selling price, you might find that it is well worth it. There are many things that can go wrong and a good agent will protect you and lead you. An agent will also help you set a good selling price by performing a market analysis.
Basic Landscaping-
Trim the bushes and plants around your house. As a general rule, you don't want to have anything rubbing against your house. Trim low hanging branches and pull some weeds. And keep your lawn mowed.
Exterior Maintenance-
Scrape and paint peeling areas. Pay close attention around windows and doors. Caulk around windows and doors and next to chimneys. Place extensions on all downspouts and clean the gutters.
Inside Your Home-
Clean areas you forgot about. Get under the sinks and in the storage areas. Clean inside your window wells. While at your windows clean out the tracks and make sure the windows open and close. Also look for cracked glass. Repair any weather-stripping on your windows and around your doors.
Tighten loose fixtures in sinks and bathtubs. Check for leaks in all drains. Check and see that your toilets are tight to the floor (and clean). Look at appliances. Are they clean and working properly? Look at your furnace. Take off the covers and clean inside around the burners and next to the blower. Replace the furnace filter. If you are not comfortable working around your furnace, hire a professional.
Good Rule-
"Make a good first impression" is a good rule when it comes to you and your house. Visit some model homes. Notice all of the little touches that they have made and do the same in your house.
Home Showing Tips-
1. Light candles
2. Get fresh flowers
3. Bake something
4. Place trendy magazines on your coffee table.
5. Put fresh fruit in a bowl.
6. Play soft classical music
7. Lose any dead plants
8. Take down tacky posters in your kids' bedrooms
9. Organize your garage and storage areas
10. Hide the laundry
11. Straighten up closets
12. Put up family photos
Remember people will look everywhere including closets and even medicine cabinets.
Get out and let them look around.
When your house is being shown, it is important that you leave your house and take the pets with you. Let the people feel comfortable looking around your house. Hopefully, it will soon be their home.
When you are working with a buyer it is important to clearly communicate expectations. Work closely with your agent and make sure you understand everything that is going on. Two of the most important questions are... How much? and When?
Accepting an offer-
The buyers will first present you with an offer. Before you sign the offer, ask your agent to give you a calculations sheet that will show you the "bottom line" of what you will receive after costs are figured in. You will need to review their initial offer that they give you and accept or counter their offer. Once you sign the offer it becomes a contract.
What will I need to do to prepare for closing?
Leave much of the planning up to your agent. There are some things that you will need to do. You may need to make repairs. (Unless you took my advice to take care of them earlier.) You will need to talk to your mortgage company and let them know that you are preparing to pay off your loan.
Communicate with your insurance agent. Let them know to either transfer or drop coverage. Contact your utility companies and notify them of your move date.
Line up all your warranties and appliance owner’s manuals for the buyers.
How much will it cost?
You can expect to have a few out-of-pocket expenses. Many will be taken out of the selling price of the home. The expenses will include taxes, your real estate agent’s commission and possibly mortgage interest.
Congratulations on selling your home!

Source: http://www.gethomeadvice.com/

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