August 2000 Edition 

Alerts, Advisories & Recalls

CPSC, The Trane Company and American Standard Inc. announce the recall of home heating and air conditioning components.                         

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Trane Company, a division of American Standard, is voluntarily recalling 9,900 accessory electric heaters. These heaters are used to provide supplemental heat in heat pumps or electric heating systems. Whether in the cooling, fan, heating or off mode, incorrectly routed wires can cause the accessory heater to continually cycle on and off. Excessive heat could catch nearby combustibles on fire.                       
These auxiliary electric heaters were sold as a component in various models of Trane and American Standard brand air handlers for heating and air conditioning systems. The nameplate provides a list of accessory electric heater model numbers that could be installed in that air handler. The model numbers for the recalled units are BAYHTR1419A and B.                       
The model numbers for air handlers that may contain the recalled heater units are: 
TWE048P130A, B*
(*All models have a single Arabic digit after the final letter.)
Independent installers of Trane and American Standard equipment sold these accessory heaters nationwide from October 1997 through May 1999.                       
Consumers can get information on finding a dealer at 888-556-0125 or  

UL and BRK Brands, Inc. encourages consumers to replace SensorPacks® on certain models of BRK brands, Family Gard and First Alert carbon monoxide alarms.                        

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is once again reminding the public about the importance of installing and testing UL listed carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in homes that have fuel burning appliances such as furnaces, ovens, stoves and water heaters, as well as homes with fireplaces and attached garages.                        
UL and BRK Brands, Inc. Aurora, Ill., are warning consumers that certain older, battery operated BRK Brand, Family Gard and First Alert carbon monoxide alarm models manufactured by BRK, Brands, Inc., to immediately replace the SensorPacks® with model codes “BRKCO”, “BRKDCO”, “CO1000B”, CO112oB”, “FACO”, “FACOAC”, FCD1”, FCD1AC”, “GCD1” “NICO”, and “NICOAC”. 
These carbon monoxide alarms can be readily identified by their round shape and sliding drawer containing the SensorPack®. A model code is printed on the back of the alarm, and a date code is printed on the SensorPack®. Consumers are urged to contact BRK Brands, Inc. directly at 800-323-9005 for assistance in determining the age of the SensorPack® or in obtaining a replacement SensorPack®.  

Hazardous fiberglass ladders have been recalled by Louisville Ladder.                        

The ladders have been recalled because of short, poorly secured steps. The ladders, manufactured by Louisville Ladders, have the “Ridgid” brand name, and were all sold at Home Depot in June and July 1999.                        
Ridgid Fiberglass Type 1A Step Ladders (Gray color side rails) have the following model nymbers:
  • l 6’ RIDGID®  Step Ladder, Model R-3011-06
  • l 8’ RIDGID®  Step Ladder, Model R-3011-08
  • l 10’ RIDGID®  Step Ladder, Model R-3011-10                       
On the left side rail (as you are facing the front steps of the ladder) is a white label with the heading “MODEL NO.” If one of the three model numbers above appears on the label, then check the date.                       
In the middle of the label locate the “DATE OF MANUFACTURER”. If the date printed is between April 1999 and July 1999, turn the ladder over and rest the top on the floor with the feet up in the air. Look inside the ladders side rails at the ends of each step. Verify that the aluminum step extends beyond the rivets. If the end of the steps are flush with the rivets, stop using the ladder immediately. Contact Louisville Ladder at 1-888-318-7911 and you will receive instructions on how to return the ladder and receive credit. For more information on the recall and to see actual diagrams of good and defective step configurations, go to 

UL warns consumers and retailers of potentially hazardous ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).  

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is notifying consumers, electrical distributors, electrical contractors and retailers that ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), bearing the company name KIC Corporation, do not comply with UL’s safety requirements and bear a counterfeit UL Mark on the device packaging.                       

These GFCIs do not interrupt the supply of power during the presence of a ground fault condition and may present a potential safety hazard.                        
These products may be identified by the “KIC” company name and catalog number “KG111” appearing on the outer box and fold-out instruction sheet packaged with each individual GFCI. The letters “KIC” can also be found stamped into the metal mounting bracket extending beyond the front face of each device.                       
Although UL is unaware of any injury caused by the products, consumers are urged to immediately have these products removed from service and returned to the original place of purchase.

Source: ASHI Reporters, October 1999 and February 2000   

For more information on product recalls or defects, contact:
Underwriters Laboratories at
Consumer Product Safety Commission at
SafetyAlerts.Com at
Buffalo.Com at
Baby Zone at 

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