August 2010 Edition 

Recall Chek

It Is Estimated That 1 in 5 Homes Has A Recalled Appliance Currently In Use.


The RecallChek Story: 
Since 1974, American citizens have been protected from dangerous items in their homes by federal law.
Congress prescribed a system whereby if a manufacturer designed a dangerous product, they MUST recall all those items and FIX THEM FOR FREE! The problem in the law is that most often it's up to the consumer to find out whether appliances are potential fire or safety hazards! There is a database designed and managed by the government, but you would have to wade through 195 million recalled items to find out if a dishwasher or air conditioner is a hazard to your client’s family. 
The Inspector Recall Process 
  • On-site, the inspector will copy the manufacturer and model numbers of your kitchen appliances, water heaters and HVAC systems.
  • The inspector will submit your appliance data online at
  • At RecallChek Headquarters, your manufacturers and model numbers are computer matched against MILLIONS of recalls using their Model Number Algorithm (MNA).
  • RecallChek will then hand-check the report to eliminate wrong numbers from worn plates and ID cards, and other problems.
  • In the event of a potential recall, RecallChek issues a report including:
1) The nature of the recall,
2) Where the product was sold,
3) How to remedy the defect,
4) How to get the item repaired or replaced, in most cases -  absolutely FREE
Won't people get notice of a recall on their appliance? 
Most do not. Recalls follow the purchaser of the appliance. Even then the purchaser will only be notified of a recall if that product was registered. This is a valuable tool for every home buyer. 
Why do REAL Estate agents like RecallChek? 
RecallChek is an added value to each and every real estate transaction. If there is a recall within the home, it would be beneficial to both parties to get that item repaired or replaced for free. The report will be reducing everyone’s liability and stopping potential fire hazards that can get fixed for FREE. 
Isn't there product recall information on the internet? 
Yes. Recalled product information is public record.
However, it is very time consuming and frustrating to use the tools provided by the CPSC. Also, if you do not have 100% accurate information, these tools will not find the recall. RecallChek’s database is designed to be error proof. If the inspector has a hard time reading a number or letter, do not worry about it. Their database will pull any matching and like numbers or letters- taking all the worry and liability out of the process.  
What happens after the inspector submits a RecallChek? 
Within 48 hours after the inspector submits the information on, the inspector, real estate agent and the client will be emailed a RecallChek report. 
How do I sign up for this service on my home inspection? 
If you schedule a home inspection with Christian Building Inspectors, you do not have to do anything. You will automatically receive the service with your inspection. If you want to purchase the report separately, the cost is only $29.95. Contact the office at 770-849-0920 for further information. 

Why It Is Important to Use a Home Inspector Who Provides a Free Limited Warranty?

90 Day Buyer's Limited Warranty

Effective from the date of the home's inspection for a period of 90 days. If closing should occur outside the covered 90-day period, the warranty will extend to 21 days following the closing.
Advantages to the Buyer:
  • Promotes confidence in your purchase
  • Provides specific coverage for both mechanical systems and structural components in the home, with clearly stated limitations
  • No deductibles on mechanical and structural coverage

120 Day Seller's Limited Warranty

Effective from the date of the home's inspection for 120 days maximum, or sale, whichever comes first.
Advantages to the Seller:
  • Helps to speed the sale
  • Offers peace of mind for you and your potential buyer
  • Adds and maintains value to your home during the listing period
  • Facilitates a smooth closing
  • No deductibles on mechanical and structural coverage
What Is Covered
  • Mechanical Coverage Summary: Plumbing:  Water lines, faucets, water heaters, drain lines, gas lines. Electrical:  Main service panel, secondary service panel, and wiring. Appliances:  Kitchen appliances including and limited to oven, range, dishwasher, built-in microwave, trash compactor, and garbage disposal. Heating/Air (HVAC): Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Thermostats.
  • Structural Coverage Summary: Poured Concrete & Block Wall Foundations. Floor joists, bottom & top plates, and wall members. Roof leak repair (does not include replacement of bad shingles), load bearing walls, attached garage doors.  
To review a copy of the warranty, go to the following site:

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