Engineered vs. Laminate Flooring....continued

By Ken Wyett
“Great article on the differences between laminate and engineered wood flooring.  Both are good options in certain applications if you want the look of wood.  But for most of the square footage of your home, I would avoid them both if your budget allows.

In our previous home, we have had both laminate and engineered wood flooring installed. Even though we purchased high end products on both, over time we weren’t overly satisfied with either and wished we had spent the money for the real thing.  That’s why we insisted on real solid hardwood when we bought our current home.
We found that there was little difference in the installed cost between equally good laminate and engineered wood (when you account for the extra material and installation cost of the underlayment needed for the laminate).  
Scratches were problems with both the laminate and engineered wood (more so than with the real hardwood we have now).  It required frequent touch up to keep them looking good (matching wood stain for the engineered and the right colored Sharpie pen for the laminate). 
Even with the underlayment we found the laminate was just not as solid of sounding (or feeling) floor as the engineered wood.

Dents were a problem with the engineered wood as the underlying ply layers are made of softer wood.   Also unnoticed spills or doggie accidents caused the surface appearance layer on the engineered wood to start to delaminate from the underlying ply.  There is no easy fix for either short of ripping up the floor to the point that the damaged section can be replaced.  Luckily for us, the damaged areas were near an edge where not too much floor had to be ripped up, and we had purchased several extra packs of the flooring originally (even so due to wear/aging the repair did not match perfectly).

Setting personal opinion on the overall look of laminate versus engineered wood aside, we found the laminate to be more durable in high traffic areas. 

The engineered wood looked great when it was new but over time that was not the case.  Yes you can have a new clear coat put down to freshen it up, but make sure you spend the extra money to get engineered wood that has a thick enough top appearance layer that allows it to be sanded and refinished (there is a lot of engineered wood out there that has a very thin appearance layer).  Granted real hardwood does cost around twice as much, but if properly maintained, it will look great and last nearly forever.  Also you should think about home resale value, real is worth more than fake.”
Ken Wyett is a past client who lives in the metro area. Thank you for the feedback Ken.
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Editor’s Note:
Most of the problems we see are due to excessive moisture. Do not soak your floor with water. Only use a damp mop and clean the water often. We recommend floor cleaners such as Zep Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner, Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner or Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Always check with the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before deciding what to use on your floor.

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