November 2004 Edition 

New Right Choice High Tech Audit Backed by Energy Star® 

By Jackson Electric Membership Corporation 
Frustrated with high energy bills, rooms that are too hot or cold or even excessive dust? Now you can make the Right Choice even if you're not buying or building a new home.
The Right Choice High Tech Audit, the latest addition to the Right Choice Home Checkup energy efficient living program, offers an advanced home test and assessment of your home's performance. The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® testing process includes a list of recommendations that a contractor can perform to make your home a Right Choice Improved Home that's more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy.  
Energy Star Goes Beyond Appliances 
Many people are familiar with Energy Star appliances; however, Energy Star also has guidelines for building materials and construction. With its recent expansion into improvements for existing homes, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR offers a whole-house diagnosis of a home's energy efficiency.
Managed by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Energy Star program is government backed and exemplifies excellence in energy efficiency. 
"Standardizing the approach for all participating contractors wanting to offer a high tech home energy audit is a great value to give our members," says Amy Bryan, Jackson EMC residential marketing director. 
The Benefits of Energy Efficient Living 
Using the same or more services for less energy — energy efficiency — helps protect the environment. Conserving energy contributes to cleaner indoor and outdoor air. Decreasing energy usage can have a significant impact on your energy bills as well. Energy efficient solutions can save you up to 20 to 30 percent on the heating and cooling portion of your bill.  
Investing In Your Home's Comfort and Efficiency 
If you feel your home's energy performance could use a high-tech audit, we have reasonable pricing options to get you started. For $350, less than the annual cost of a cup of coffee a day, your home's diagnosis will help you plan and undertake projects to reduce your energy bills and improve your home's comfort. The comprehensive test includes one HVAC unit; each additional unit can be added to your comprehensive package at the reduced cost of $100 each. 
Rebates and Rates 
Jackson EMC members will receive a $250 rebate on the Right Choice High Tech Audit. Members will also receive another $175 rebate after a certified contractor performs the repair work. Your home also qualifies for the lower Energy Advantage rate. Only members with electric heat qualify for this special rate. 
Quality Control With Our Partners at Southface 
Like our Right Choice new home program, we've teamed with the energy efficiency experts at Southface to offer a savings and comfort program to members who don't have Right Choice homes. "Our partnership with Southface will provide a higher level of quality control for homeowners," says Bryan. Testing a certain percentage of contractor work, Southface provides an impartial evaluation of participating contractors. "The evaluation process benchmarks the testing, allowing us to offer the same high quality of service to each member." 
Southface has also arranged for special financing to members who receive the Right Choice High Tech Audit and choose to have improvements made with a participating contractor. Loans offer favorable terms, including up to a 10-year payback period and interest rates 2% lower than the market rate. Loans are only available for improvement measures recommended by the audit. 
For more information on the Right Choice High Tech Audit, see or call 800-462-3691. Ask to be transferred to the Jackson EMC office nearest you. Then ask to speak to a residential marketing representative. 
How Does the Right Choice High Tech Audit Work? 
Step 1: 
If you have high energy bills, rooms that are too hot or cold, moisture problems or excessive dust, call on us for a comprehensive home performance test.  
Step 2: 
A residential marketing representative will provide you with a list of certified Right Choice contractors from which you choose. Contractors undergo specialized training to earn the Energy Star participating contractor status.  
Step 3:  
Schedule your Right Choice High Tech Audit. Items checked during every assessment include: 
  • Insulation levels for all building components
  • Window types
  • Air leakage pathways using the blower door test
  • Efficiencies in heating, cooling, and water heating equipment
  • Duct system efficiencies with flow hoods and/or a duct blaster test
  • Ventilation systems (dryer, kitchen range, bath exhausts)
  • Moisture management components (crawl space vapor barrier, gutters, yard slope)
  • Indoor water fixtures (toilets, showerheads)
  • Test for the possibility of back drafting when gas-burning appliances are inside the home.
Step 4: 
After the assessment, the contractor provides you with a prioritized list of recommendations and a list of participating contractors that can do the work to improve your home's energy efficiency.  
Step 5: 
You may select a contractor to make heating and air, insulation, or other recommended improvements. To qualify for a Right Choice Improved Home, you must use one of the participating contractors for repairs. After the work is completed, your home will undergo follow-up diagnostic tests to compare results to the original tests. If your home passes the testing process, it will be listed as a Right Choice Improved Home. 
Step 6: 
Members with electric heat qualify for the special Energy Advantage rate once a home is listed as a Right Choice Improved Home. 
For more information on the Right Choice High Tech Audit, see\checkup\audit.html or call 800-462-3691. Ask to be transferred to the Jackson EMC office nearest you, then ask to speak to a residential marketing representative. 

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