Termite Clearance Letter

A clearance letter is also known officially as the Georgia Wood Infestation Report.  Sometimes it is also referred to as a WDO Report.  This is the only official state form to indicate the infestation or lack of infestation in real property.  To complete a clearance letter, a highly trained inspector will perform an inspection on the property in question.  They will be looking for signs of previous and active termites, wood decay fungi, and powder post beetles.  Their results will be recorded on the Georgia Wood Infestation Report and will be delivered to you either on site or by email.  The seller and purchaser can discuss how to proceed with the sale after reviewing the clearance letter details.  The clearance letter is an easy way to carve out some peace of mind in a sometimes cumbersome process.  The price for a clearance letter is $175.00. If you are interested in scheduling a termite letter inspection, please let us know when you book your inspection.

Bond Transfer

In most cases, a termite bond can be transferred from seller to the purchaser at no extra charge.  If there is no outstanding balance or overdue inspection, most companies are happy to transfer the termite bond into the new owner’s name.  All they need is a little information from the purchaser. 

WDO Treatment

In the event that the property in question is in need of a WDO (wood destroying organism) treatment, we are able to handle that for you.  If you are in need of a free estimate, please call us.